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Textbooks on Reserve: Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks are available at the 2nd floor service desk and can be checked out for 2-hour periods for use in the library. Scanners are available if you need particular pages.

Fall 2020 - Textbooks On Reserve - By Course Number

ACC201 Steria, Dean; Kandiel, Hussein; Gaber, Mohamed Financial Accounting, 9th edition
ACC351 Stacy, Sean Essentials of Business Law
ANT101 Crane-Kramer, Gillian; Lowry, Justin Intro. Human Evolution: a Bio-cultural Approach 10th Edition
ANT318 Mountcastle, Amy Inventing Human Rights
ANT362 Robbins, Richard; Bobbie, Gloria Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
ANT453 Lowry, Justin Geographical Information Systems in Archeology
ANT453 Lowry, Justin Geographicqal Information Systems in Archeology
ART104 Powell, David Interaction of Color
ART137 Blough, Karen Gardner's Art through the Ages 15th Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. 1
ART139 Blough, Karen Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15TH Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. 2
ART305 Powell, David Typography: Graphic Design in Context
BIO304 ENV304 ENV340 Alldred, Mary; Fuss, Colin Scientific Writing and Communications 4th Edition
BIO326  Sheehan, Doc; Smith, Kyle Anatomy & Physiology: An Integrative  Approach
CAS111 Smith, Matthew; Deshaies, Charles Canadian Studies in the New Millennium
CHE106  / CHE111  Moffett, Thomas; Lutz, Sean; Hoag, Craig Chemistry Atoms First 3rd edition
CHE321 Pater, Ewa Analytical Chemistry
CHE371 Theisen, Kelly Biochemistry: A Short Course
CHE401 Ckless, Karina Biochemistry
CLG402 Holtzer, Laura Essentials of Skilled Helping
CLG507 Goodman, Ariel Mastering the National Counselor examination and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
CLG527 Goodman, Ariel Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination and CPCE
CMM229 Wentworth, Peter Video Production Handbook
CMM312 Cunningham, Sarah Multimedia Foundations, 2nd edition
CMM323 Locke, John Age of Propaganda
CRI150 Cantwell, Lori; Smith, Edward Criminal Justice in America
CRI250 Moss, Jeffrey; Park, Suyeon Criminology: The Core 7th Edition
CRI251 Fox, Rebecca Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional 4th ed
CRI353 Beaulieu, Mark; Willingham, Breea Our Punitive Society
CRI357 Peters, Bill Criminal Procedure-A Contemporary Perspective 3rd Ed
CRI357 Peters, Bill  
CRI360 Beaulieu, Mark The Color of Justice
CRI405 Beaulieu, Mark Sense and Nonsense
CRI450 Peters, William Ethical Diemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice, 10th ed
CSD211 Forkey, Tara Signing: How to Speak with your Hands
CSD211 Forkey, Tara  
CSD342 Flemming, Rachel Fundamentals of Phonetics
ECO110 Kartik, Verma Microeconomics, 4th ed by Chiang
ECO110 Christopherson, Robert Microeconomics 13th edition
ECO110 Qirjo, Dhimitri Core Microeconomics 3rd ed
ECO260 / ECO362 Henry, Svetlana; Strzalkowski, Jaroslaw; Modern Business Statistics
ECO380 Christopherson, Robert Public Finance
EDR553 Yong, Yu Foundations for Teaching English Lannguage Learners, 3rd edition
EDS507 Bonati, Michelle Individual Positive Behavior Supports
EDU465 Alton, Kathryn; Hackett, Sarah The New Art and Science of Teaching
ENG100/ ENG101 Kerr, Bridget A Writer's Reference 9th Edition
ENG270 Guzzio, Tracie Norton Anthology of African American Literature Volume 1
ENG270 Guzzio, Tracie Norton Anthology of African American Literature Volume 2
ESL108 Carey, Holly Tuesdays with Morrie
EXP101 Maynard, Steve How to Read a Nautical Chart
EXP101 Maynard, Steve High Peaks Trails
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Training for New Alpinism
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Climbing: Expedition Planning
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Extreme Apinism
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Adventure Sport’s Coaching
EXP101 Maynard, Steve On Celtic Tides
EXP101 Maynard, Steve BCU Coaching Handbook
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Kayak: New Frontier
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Sea Kayak
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Sea Kayaker: Deep Trouble
EXP101 Maynard, Steve Rough Water Handling
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Adirondack Park Lake Placid/ High Peaks (map)
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Winter Camping
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald At the Mercy of the Mountains
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Blue Lines 2nd  Edition
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Lighten Up!
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Allen & Mikes Really Cool Backpackin' Book
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald The Ultimate Hiker’s Gearguide
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Mountaineering 
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Deep Survival Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald 1001 Climbing Tips
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Adirondack Paddler's Map North
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Adirondack Paddler's Guide 
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Sea Kayak Handling
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Sea Kayak More Deep Trouble
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Theory into Practice: Unlocking the Power and Potential of Reflective Journals
EXP111 S. Maynard, G. Isaak Instant Weather Forecasting 5th Ed
EXP111 S. Maynard, G. Isaak The Weather Handbook
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald Stability, Sport and Performance Movement
EXP111 Isaak, Gerald The Feed Zone Cookbook
FIN355 Pascalau, Razvan; Henry, Stephen Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 12th ed
FNI211 Durant, Angela Understanding Nutrition 15th Ed
FRE111 /  FRE112 / FRE213 Leone, Margaret Espaces 4th ed
GEG120 Puhalla, Janet McKnight's Physical Geography 12th ed
GEG303 Puhalla, Janet Environment and Society: A critical Introduction 2nd Edition
GWS101 Duley, Kolleen Gendered Lives
GWS301 Misra, Akanksha; Secone, Jada The Womens Atlas
HDF211 Oertel, Jacqueline Development of Children and Adolescents
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn APSAC Handbook (Klika and Conte)
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn One Big Happy Family (Walker)
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn Diversity in Families
HIS308 Lindgren, James America Russia and the Cold War
HIS308 Lindgren, James American Empire
HIS396 Richard, Mark Reading like a Historian
INT104 Gontovnick, Howard World Religions:A Guide to the Essentials
JOU110 Manegold, Catherine Writing Tools
JOU110 Manegold, Catherine The Elements of Journalism 13th ed
JOU204 Murphy, Shawn American Media History
JOU308 Murphy, Shawn Inside Reporting 3rd edition
MAT104A2 Kenoyer, Susan; Kenoyer, David; Wampler, Justin Trigionometry Hybrid
MAT221  Coupal, Diane Calculus with Applications 11th ed
MAT224 / MAT225 Susan Kenoyer; Justin Wampler Calculus: Classic Edition
MGM315 Chrysostome, Elie; Sakchutchawarn, Sutcharit International Business
MGM316 Chrysostome, Elie Multinational Management
MGM490 Gauthier, Jeffrey; Chrysostome, Elie Strategic Management Competiveness and Globalization
NUR313 LaPoint, Heather Handbook for Culturally Competent Care
NUR313 LaPoint, Heather Transcultural Heatlth Care, 4th edition
PED212 Stamatis, Andreas ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer
PED271 LaMere, Melissa Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness
PRE314 / PRE452 Ouellette, Michelle The Associated Press Stylebook 2015
PRE345 Barcomb, Maiko Social Media for Strategic Communications
PRE452 / PRE552 Ouellette, Michelle Made To Stick
PSC100 Drennan, Christopher; Schantz, Harvey; Southwick, Nicholas; We the People 12th Essentials Edition
PSC231 McMahon, John The Trial and Death of Socrates
PSC231 McMahon, John Two Treatises of Government
PSC290 Carman, Raymond Intro to Law and the Legal System
PSC371 McMahon, John The Souls of Black Folk
PSC371 McMahon, John Citizen: An American Lyric
PSY206 Bator, Renee; Bremser, Jennifer Psychological Statistics
PSY311 Samudra, Preeti Exploring Lifespan Development, 4th ed
PSY321 Mansfield, Stephen Fundamentals of Cognition
PSY331 Ibanez-Casas, Inmaculada; Grabbe, Jeremy Biological Psychology    13th Ed
PSY340 Glushko, Karen The Personality Puzzle, 8th ed
PSY361A Bator, Renee; Sturman, Edward Influence: Science and Practice
PSY361A Bator, Renee; Sturman, Edward The Social Animal
SCM370 Choe, Kwangseek; O'Neil, Kevin; Principles of Supply Chain Management 5th ed 
SOC101 Sabin, Stanley Sociology: The Essentials 9th Edition
SOC101 Light, Stephen; Sabin, Stanley; McCoy, Charles; Schlesinger, Lynn Sociology in our times: The Essentials 11th ed
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Half the Sky
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Thinking about Women 10th Edition
SWK304 McQuinn, Penny International Social Work
SWK305 McQuinn, Penny Social Welfare for a Global Era
SWK305 McQuinn, Penny Cultural Diversity
SWK306 McQuinn, Penny Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
THE217 Koester, Kathy Appreciating Dance 4th ed
THE365 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Tips II: More Ideas for Actors
THE365 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Tips: Ideas for Actors

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