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Textbooks on Reserve: Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks are available at the 2nd floor service desk and can be checked out for 2-hour periods for use in the library. Scanners are available if you need particular pages.

Spring 2022 - Textbooks on Reserve - By Course Number

Course: Instructor: Title:
ANT101 Crane-Kramer, Gillian; Lowry, Justin Intro. Human Evolution: a Bio-cultural Approach 1st Edition
ANT362 Robbins, Richard; Bobbie, Gloria Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
ANT362 Robbins, Richard Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism 7th ed
ART137 Blough, Karen Gardner's Art through the Ages 15th Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. 1
ART137 Blough, Karen Gardner's Art through the Ages 15th Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. II
ART139 Blough, Karen Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15TH Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. 2
ART305 Charland, Megan Typography: Graphic Design in Context
BIO340 Amon, Siavash Beginning in Bioethics: A Text with Integrated Readings
CAS111 Smith, Matthew; Deshaies, Charles Canadian Studies in the New Millennium
CFS1889 Lowry, Justin Thriving in College and Beyond
CFS1889 Ouellette, Michelle Atomic Habits
CFS1889 Ouellette, Michelle Crucial Conversations, 2nd ed
CHE371A Kelly Theisen Biochemistry: A Short Course
CHE421 Ewa, Pater Principles of Instrumental Analysis
CLG402 Holtzer, Laura Essentials of Skilled Helping
CLG507 Goodman, Ariel (for ALL counseling classes) Mastering the National Counselor examination and the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
CLG507 Goodman, Ariel Study Guide for the National Counselor Examination and CPCE
CMM101 Ducharme, Lindsey, Peryea, Montanaro, Blaise, McGovern; Tripp Speech Craft
CMM118 Peryea,Aaron Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age
CMM229 Jacek, Christopher Video Production Handbook
CMM312 Cunningham, Sarah Multimedia Foundations, 2nd edition
CMM455 Fox, Rebecca The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication
CRI250 Moss, Jeffrey; Park, Suyeon Criminology: The Core 7th Edition
CRI357 Peters, William Criminal Procedure-A Contemporary Perspective 3rd Ed
CRI405 Peters, William Four Hours in My Lai
CRI405 Peters, William The Elements of Style
CRI405C Gul, Zakir Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy 8th ed
CRI450 Peters, William Ethical Diemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice, 10th ed
CSC119 Azarkadeh, Chahbaz A Practical Guide to LINUX
CSC121 Azarkadeh, Chahbaz Fluency 7
CSD211 Forkey, Tara Signing: How to Speak with your Hands
CSD410 Cook, Erica The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by Example
CSD445 Hertel, Magdalena Work Book for the Identification of Phonological Processes and distinctive Features
CSD445 Hertel, Magdalena Childrens Speech: An Evidence Based Approach to Assessment and Intervention
Course: Instructor: Title:
ECO101 Verma, Kartik Principles of Economics
ENG100/ ENG101 Rock, Karen A Writer's Reference 9th Edition
ENG101o Friedrich, Thomas College Writing
ENG101WBK Friedrich, Tom Our Kids
ENG301 Ostry, Elaine A Writer's Reference, 8th Edition
ENG338 Kiefer, Lauren Thomas Moore's Utopia
ENV/BIO304 Danielle Garneau Elements of Ecology
FIT530 Yang, Jimin Sports and Exercise Nutrition
FRE111/ FRE112/ FRE213 Leone, Margaret; Cusson, Marie Espaces 4th ed
FRE214A,322 Marie Cusson Imaginez
GEG120 Puhalla, Janet McKnight's Physical Geography 12th ed
GEG303 Puhalla, Janet Environment and Society: A critical Introduction 2nd Edition
GWS101 Duley, Kolleen Gendered Lives
GWS301 Misra, Akanksha; Secone, Jada The Women's Atlas
GWS302   Women, Race and Class
GWS302 Kolleen Duley Color of Violence
GWS302 Kolleen Duley Brown Girl in the Ring
HDF211 Oertel, Jacqueline Development of Children and Adolescents
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn Diversity in Families
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn One Big Happy Family
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn APSAC Handbook on Child Maltreatment
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn Peter's Lullaby
HDF332 Hughes, Nancy Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support
HIS102 Richard, Mark Exploring American Histories
HIS102 Richard, Mark Thinking Through Sources: Exploring American Histories 2nd Ed
HIS104C Richard, Mark After the Fact
HIS375 Richard, Mark Crossing the 49th Parallel
Hon308 Ciobanu, Monica An Introduction to Transitional Justice
Course: Instructor: Title:
INT104 Gontovnick, Howard Invitation to World Religion
JOU 308 Shawn Murphy Inside Reporting
JOU312 Shawn Murphy Law and Ethics for Today's Journalist
LAS111 Flores, Ilona Latin America
MAT102 Coupal, Diane Precalculus Blitzer
MAT102 Coupal, Diane Precalculus  Student’s Solutions  Manual  Blitzer
MAT161 Cavanaugh, Robert Elementary Statistical Methods
MAT161 Robert Reams, Thomas Powell Introductory Statistics 5th ed (2018)
MAT221  Coupal, Diane Calculus with Applications 11th ed
MAT224/MAT225 Susan Kenoyer; Kenoyer, David Calculus: Classic Edition
MAT224/MAT225 Susan Kenoyer; Justin Wampler Calculus: Classic Edition Student's Manual Vol. 2
MGM315 Chrysostome, Elie; Sakchutchawarn, Sutcharit International Business
MGM316 Chrysostome, Elie Multinational Management
MGM350 Gharibi, Zahra; Sakchutchawarn, Sutcharit; Khanzadehdaghalian, MK Introduction to Management Science 15th ed
MGM490 Gauthier, Jeffrey; Chrysostome, Elie Strategic Management Competiveness and Globalization
PED212 Stamatis, Andreas ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer
PED271 LaMere, Melissa Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness
PHI365 Dixon, Beth Food Justice and Narrative Ethics
PSC100 Drennan, Christopher; Schantz, Harvey; Southwick, Nicholas;  We the People 13th Essentials Edition
PSC231 John McMahon The Trial and Death of Socrates
PSC231 McMahon, John Two Treatises of Government
PSC290 Carman, Raymond Intro to Law and the Legal System
PSC372A John McMahon Living a Feminist Life
PSC374 John McMahon Intimate Justice
PSC391A Ray Carman American Constitutionalism
PSC457 John McMahon After Nature: A Politics for the Anthropocene
PSY101 Ibanez-Casas, Inmaculada Psychology: A Concise Introduction
PSY206 Bator, Renee; Bremser, Jennifer Psychological Statistics
PSY311 Samudra, Preeti Exploring Lifespan Development
PSY321 Mansfield, Stephen Fundamentals of Cognition
PSY331 Ibanez-Casas, Inmaculada; Grabbe, Jeremy Biological Psychology    13th Ed
PSY340 Glushko, Karen The Personality Puzzle
PSY361A Bator, Renee The Social Animal
PSY414 Preeti, Samudra Infants and Children, Prenatal Through Middle Childhood, 8th ed
PSY415 LaPorte, Kenna, Glushko, Karen Adolescence
PSY430 Ibanez-Casas, Inmaculada Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology 7TH Ed
PSY443 Hogan, Julie Abnormal Psychology
PSY520 Countermine, Bradley Learning Theories
Course: Instructor: Title:
SCM370 Choe, Kwangseek; O'Neil, Kevin Principles of Supply Chain Management, 5th ed
SOC101 Sabin, Stanley Sociology: The Essentials 10th Edition
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Half the Sky
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Thinking about Women 10th Edition
SOC355WB1 Ciobanu, Monica Law and Society 
SPA111/ SPA112 Flores, Oscar; Garcia-Notario, Margarita; Iturburu, Fernando; Flores, Oscar Vistas
SPA213/SPA214 Flores, Oscar Mas alla de las Palabras
SPA386A Fernando Iturburu Voces de Hispanoamerica: Antologia Literaria
SWK303 Richards, Julie Essentials of Human Behavior: Integrating person, environment, and the life course, 2nd ed
SWK308 McQuinn, Penny Trauma and Recovery
SWK308 McQuinn, Penny The Body Keeps Score
THE106 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors
THE217 Koester, Kathy Appreciating Dance
THE365 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Tips: Ideas for Actors
THE365 Schwartau, Laura-Jean The complete Tips, Ideas
THE365 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Tips II: More Ideas for Actors
THE390 Ben Wright, Shawna Mefferd Kelty THE CAKE

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