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Textbooks on Reserve: Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks are available at the 2nd floor service desk and can be checked out for 2-hour periods for use in the library. Scanners are available if you need particular pages.

Spring 2020 - Textbooks On Reserve - By Course Number

Course  Instructor Title
ACC201 Steria, Dean; Gaber, Mohamed Kandiel, Hussein Financial Accounting, 9th edition
ACC351 Fox, Rebecca Business Law
ANT101 Black, Andrew; Crane-Kramer, Gillian; Lowry, Justin Intro. Human Evolution: a Bio-cultural Approach 1st Edition
ANT333 Lowry, Justin The Oxford Handbook of Caribbean Archaelogy
ANT333 Justin Lowry Human impacts on ancient marine ecosystems : a global perspective
ANT362 Robbins, Richard Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism 7th ed
ART104 Drowne, Shannon Interaction of Color
ART139 Blough, Karen Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15TH Ed The Western Perspective, Vol. 2
BIO100/ BIO103 Pulsifer, Randy; Parri, Nancy; Clark, Madeline Biology for a Changing World
BIO208 Gleichsner, Alyssa Evolution: Making Sense of Life
BIO326 Smith, Kyle Anatomy & Physiology: An Integrative Approach
CAS111 Matthew Smith Canadian Studies in the New Millennium, 2nd Ed. 
CHE107/CHE111/CHE112 Miller, Ed; Hoag, Craig Chemistry Atoms First 3rd edition
CHE240 Criss, Dexter Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHE241 Sunasee, Rajesh Organic Chemistry 12th Edition
CHE371A Kelly Theisen Biochemistry: A Short Course
CHE401/CHE402 Ckless, Karina Biochemistry
CHE421 Ewa Pater Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 5th Ed
CLG402 Holtzer, Laura Essentials of Skilled Helping
CLG507 Goodman, Ariel Study Guide for the National Counselor Exam and CPCE
CMM 325 John Locke Age of Propaganda
CMM101 Ducharme, Lindsey, Peryea, Montanaro, Ensel, Fox, Tripp, Helwanji, Rabideau, Medeiros, Blaise Speech Craft
CMM118 Aaron Peryea Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age
CMM229 Wentworth, Peter Video Production Handbook
CMM312 Cunningham, Sarah Multimedia Foundations, 2nd edition
CRI150 Cantwell, Lori Criminal Justice in America
CRI250 Moss, Jeffery Criminology: The Core 7th Edition
CRI357 Peters, Bill Criminal Procedure-A Contemporary Perspective 3rd Ed
CRI365 Ciobanu, Monica Women, Crime and Criminal Justice
CRI450 Peters, William Ethical Diemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice, 10th ed
CSD211 Eklof, Jill; Napoli, Marybeth Signing: How to Speak with your Hands
CSD241 Hertel, Magdelena The Syntax Handbook, 2nd ed
CSD241  Magdalena Hertel Language Development. An Introduction.
CSD410 Reynolds, Victoria Human Communication Disorders: An Introduction, 6th ed
CSD410 Reynolds, Victoria The Communication Disorders Casebook: Learning by example
CSD445 / CSD410 Reynolds, Victoria Cerebral Palsy Resource Guide for Speech - Language Pathologists
CSD445A Magdalena Hertel Workbook for the Identification of Phonological Processes and Distinctive Features
CSD531 Ambrose, Sharmila Language Disorders from Infancy Through Adolescence
ECO110 Dhimitri Qirjo Core Microeconomics
ECO110A Qirjo, Dhimitri Microeconomics, 4th Ed
ECO111 Robert Christopherson Macroeconomics, 13th Ed.
ECO260/ECO362 Duffy, Neil; Noce, Anthony; Strzalkkowski, Jaroslaw Modern Business Statistics
EDR553 Yu, Yong Foundations for Teaching English Lannguage Learners, 3rd edition
ENG101 Karen Rock 12 Angry Men DVD
ENG100/ ENG101 Kerr, Bridget A Writer's Reference 9th Edition
ENG101 Kerr, Bridget To Kill A Mockingbird
ENG295 Kiefer, Lauren Gods and Mortals
ENV/GEL306 Eric Leibensperger Meteorology today : an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment
ENV101 Stephen Kramer Visualizing Environmental Science, 4th Ed
ENV304/ BIO304 Schultz, R.,Garneau, D Elements of Ecology 9th Edition
ENV304/BIO304 Garneau, Danielle Scientific Writing and Communications, 4th Ed
FIN355 Pascalau, Razvan; Henry, Stephen Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 12th ed
FNI 211 Cecilia Gregoire Nutrition: From Science to You, 4th Ed.
FNI191 Vance, Terrence Nutrition and You 4th Edition
FRE112 Marie Cusson  Espace Rendez-vous avec le monde francophone, 4th Ed 
FRE319 Marie Cusson  Tâches d'encre
FRE335  Marie Cusson  Je me souviens: Histoire, culture et littérature du Québec francophone 
FRE214 Leone, Margaret Imaginez, 3rd ed
FRE214 Leone, Margaret French Grammar
GEG120 Janet Puhalla Physical Geography
GEG303 Janet Puhalla Environment and society, 2nd Ed
GWS101 Kolleen Duley Gendered Lives
GWS301 Mody, Susan Gridlock
GWS301 Mody, Susan A Long Way Gone
GWS301 Mody, Susan Gridlock
GWS301 Mody, Susan Factory Girls
HDF211 / HDF211 Nancy Hughes Development of Children and Adolescents
HDF311 Gilbert, Lynn Diversity in Families
HIS 102 Mark Richard Exploring American Histories: A Survey, 2nd Ed
HIS 102 Mark Richard Thinking through Sources for Exploring American Histories: 
HIS 3050 / PRE 305 / JOU 305 Mark Richard No Step Backward: Women and Family on the Rocky Mountain Mining Frontier, Helena, Montana
HIS 323 Jessamyn Neuhaus All New, All Different? A History of Race and the American Superhero
HIS 398 Mark Richard Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism
HIS 398 Mark Richard American Immigration: A very Short Introduction
HIS300 Beatty, Joshua Beekmantown, NY
HON303 Ciobanu, Monica Central & East European Politics: From Communism to Democracy
INT104 Howard Gontovnick World Religions - A Guide to the Essential
INT303 Gonyea, Lauren; Schwartz, Aaron Reading for Diversity and Social Justice 4th Ed
JOU110 Manegold, Catherine Writing Tools
JOU206 Davis, Ron Shop Talk & War Stories
JOU206 Davis, Ron When World's Collide
JOU207 Manegold, Catherine Several short sentences about writing
LAS111 Flores, Oscar Latin America: an Interpretive History 10th Edition
MAT102 Diane Coupal Precalculus
MAT102 / MAT104 Kenoyer, Susan Pre Calculus (Levitan) 6th ed
MAT104 Kenoyer, Susan Trigionometry Hybrid
MAT161 Quenell, Greg; Cavanaugh, Robert Elementary Statistical Methods
MAT161 Vincent, Cassandra Elementary Statistics 12th Edition (2014)
MAT161 Robert Reams, Thomas Powell Introductory Statistics 5th ed (2018)
MAT221 Coupal, Diane Calculus with Applications 11th ed
MAT224 Susan Kenoyer; Justin Wampler Calculus: Classic Edition
MAT224/MAT225 Susan Kenoyer; Justin Wampler Calculus: Classic Edition Student's Manual Vol. 1
MAT224/MAT225 Susan Kenoyer; Justin Wampler Calculus: Classic Edition Student's Manual Vol. 2
MGM315 Chrysostome, Elie International Business
MGM350 Enayati, Shakiba Introduction to Management Science 15th ed
MGM445 Enayati, Shakiba Operations Management
MGM490 Chrysostome, Elie Strategic Management Competiveness and Globalization
MUS111 Daniel Gordon Excursions in World Music, 6th Ed
MUS111 Daniel Gordon Arts in Exile: Tibetan Treasures in Small-Town America
MUS119 Dr. Stephen Light Bluegrass: A History (20th Anniversary Edition)
MUS119 Dr. Stephen Light Bluegrass Breakdown: The Making of the Old Southern Sound
NUR314 LaPoint, Heather Nuring Health Assessment
NUR314 LaPoint, Heather Fundamentals of Nursing
PED212 Theodore Santaniello ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer, 5th Ed
PED271 LaMere, Melissa Lifetime Physical Fitness & Wellness
PHY112 Myer, Glenn Fundamentals of Physics 10th ed
PHY311 Myer, Glenn Analyltical Mechanics
PRE311 Barcomb, Maiko The Tipping Point
PRE311 Barcomb, Maiko Introduction to Strategic Public Relations
PRE452/ PRE552 Ouellette, Michelle Made To Stick
PSC100 Drennan, Christopher We the People 12th Essentials Edition
PSC100 Southwick, Nicholas American Government 15th ed
PSC231 McMahon, John Two Treatises of Government
PSC231 / PSC231 John McMahon The Trial and Death of Socrates
PSC290 Ray Carman Introduction to Law and the Legal System, 11th Ed.
PSC391 Ray Carman Constitutional Law for a Changing America. Rights, Liberties, and Justice, 9th Ed
PSY321  Wendy Braje Fundamentals of Cognition, 3rd Ed
PSY551 Suzannah Chatlos Prevent-Teach-Reinforce: The School-Based Model of Individualized Positive Behavior Support, 2nd Ed
PSY311 Preeti Samudra Exploring Lifespan Development
PSY331 Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas Biological Psychology, 13th Ed.
PSY340 Glushko, Karen; Finster, Mystic Personality Puzzle, 8th Ed
PSY361 Renee Bator The Social Animal , 12th Ed
PSY361 Renee Bator Influence: Science and Practice , 5th Ed. 
PSY415 Glushko, Karen Adolescence
PSY501 Kelli Miller Psychometrics, An Introduction, 3rd Ed
PSY520 Kelli Miller Learning Theories, 7th Ed
PSY551 Suzannah Chatlos Collaborative Consultation in the Schools: Effective Practices for Students with Learning and Behavior Problems, 5th Ed
SCM370 / SCM370 Brian Neureuther and Kwangseek Choe Principles of Supply Chain Management: a Balanced Approach, 5th Ed
SCM370 Brian Neureuther and Kwangseek Choe Principles of Supply Chain Management: a Balanced Approach
SOC101 Sabin, Stanley Sociology: The Essentials 9th Edition
SOC101 Light, Stephen; Schlesinger, Lynn Sociology in our times: The Essentials 11th ed
SOC300 Lynn Schlesinger The Art and Science of Social Research, First Edition
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Half the Sky
SOC305 Sabin, Stanley Thinking about Women 10th Edition
SPA111/ SPA112 Flores, Oscar; Garcia-Notario, Margarita Vistas
SPA214 Flores, Oscar Mas alla de las Palabras
SWK308 Penny McQuinn Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence-From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror
SWK308 Penny McQuinn The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, 3rd Ed
SWK308 Penny McQuinn Educated: A Memoir
SWK460 Penny McQuinn Social Welfare Policy And Social Programs:  A Values Perspective
THE106 Schwartau, Laura-Jean Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors
THE217 Clark, C, Koester, K Appreciating Dance 4th ed
THE301 Mefferd, Kelty Comedy A Critical Anthology
THE301 Mefferd, Kelty The Plays of Oscar Wilde
THE301 Mefferd, Kelty The Importance of Being Earnest

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