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SWK402: Generalist Practice

Keyword FAQs

  • Brainstorm keywords!  You might think TANF, but the databases use different search terms: public welfare, rent subsidies, welfare recipients, poor families, government policy, food stamps, poor... Family/group dynamics are called: family relations, family relationships, interpersonal relations, parent & child, social groups, ethnic groups, group identity, characters of groups...
  • Search by subject field!  The subject poverty retrieved 12,486 results, while the keyword poverty retrieved 27,822 results.
  • Limit by population of interest: children, older people, teenage mothers, low-income mothers, depressed persons, inner cities, neighborhoods, african americans, hispanic americans, people with disabilities, urban poor, victims of crimes...

Recommended Databases for SWK

Additional Databases

These databases may also have articles helpful to your social work research.