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Topic Selection for Lib 200: Human Rights

This guide serves as your starting point in identifying a possible topic to explore for the final assignment

What are Human Rights?

According to the United Nations

"Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more.  Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination." 

United Nations. "What are Human Rights?"


Possible Topics

These are all very broad categories. I would recommend that you do a quick search in google Scholar to see if there is a subtopic you want to focus on. Include but not limited to: 

refugees (examples: political asylum, refugee camps in specific countries, refugees in Europe, etc)

indigenous rights (treaty rights, land rights, cultural rites, religious rites, CA, AU, US, others)

Immigration (various countries; European Union, political asylum, illegal immigration, etc)

Human trafficking (abduction, sex trafficking, slavery, work indenture, etc)

safe water (US, other counties, types of water pollution, types of water-born diseases, etc)

peace (murder of NATO and other peacekeepers, peace and country conflicts)

diseases (vaccines, inoculations, etc)

health and poverty

The disappeared



I am interested in how girls and women who are Muslim, get to participate in sport. I clicked on the link for Global sport matters, typed in my search and after browsing a bit, came across this podcast. "Podcast: The complicated space of Muslim women athletes"

I thought I could explore the topic of cultural influences on Muslim women in Canada in participating in sport.

Selective Organizations