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Topic Selection for Lib 200: Social Justice

This guide serves as your starting point in identifying a possible topic to explore for the final assignment

What is Social Justice?

Social Justice, similar to diversity, has a number of definitions in the areas that are included in this topic. For the purpose of the final assignment, I am using the categories and definitions provide by the National Conference for Community Justice.

According to their mission statement "The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) is a human relations organization that promotes inclusion and acceptance by providing education and advocacy while building communities that are respectful and just for all. Celebrating the diversity of races, religions, cultures, genders, abilities & sexual orientations."

Topics included in social justice: prejudice, discrimination, social power, oppression, privilege, socialization, target or oppressed identities, agent or privileged identities, collusion, ableism, ageism, religionism, classism, hetrosexism, homophobia, racism, sexism. 

To understand the definitions of the above listed terms, please click on the link to definitions. I agree that these broad topics fall under this category, so you have a wide range of options to further explore a topic.

There will be over lap with socio-economic related areas.

Possible topics

These are just a few general categories with related topics. 

Business (examples: diversity and inclusion in the workplace, unemployment,  employment after prison, employment after retirement, child labor, issues with globalization, fair trade, ecotourism)

Health(examples:  euthanasia; food insecurity; effects of environmental hazards/waste on children or adults; doctors without borders)

Government Policies (examples: healthcare reform, affirmative action, civil rights, sexual harassment, unemployment, genocide, Native American treaties,)

Education (examples: access to higher education opportunities, African American girls in schools, homelessness, nutrition and school meals, poverty, censorship (textbooks, books, etc.)

Technology (technology gap, digital infrastructure, access to technology (bandwidth, digital divide, etc)

Criminal Justice ( human trafficking, prisoners' rights, death penalty/capital punishment, cyber crime ( such as identity theft, robo-calls/scams and vulnerable populations, etc)

Families ( grandparents raising grandchildren, adoption, foster children, LGBTQ adoption, addictions, etc) 

An example of a research question in this category:

How do prison employment programs help Latin American men gain employment after prison?



Selected Social Justice Organizations

Other Resources

Example of topic selection

I went to the link for the Gallup Poll, clicked on social & policies issues, scanned the blogs, and clicked on the discussion "Fewer See Equal Opportunity for Blacks in Jobs, Housing" by Lydia Saad.

I thought that the issue of housing has possibilities:

I refined the topic to low-income housing for an African American woman,

An alternative would be the issue of housing in a upper socio-economic area for an African American family.