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Bluegrass Music Research Guide

Online Encyclopedia Articles on Bluegrass Music

The following e-encyclopedia articles are available through either the Gale Virtual Reference Library, CREDO, or SpringerLink subscription databases unless otherwise noted.  You may also search within those databases by the names of specific bluegrass artists (e.g. Bill Monroe, Foggy Mountain Boys, etc.).

"Bluegrass." International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. (2008)

Berg, Timothy. "Bluegrass." Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell-Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th-Century America. (2002)

Print Encyclopedias

All of the following encyclopedias are located in the Reference Room on the 2nd floor of Feinberg Library unless otherwise noted.

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music  (1986)

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music  [Volume 3: The United States and Canada]  (1998)

Encyclopedia of Country Music: The Ultimate Guide to the Music  (1998)

Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music  (2005)

What is Background Information?

Background Information gives you an introduction to a topic. It's what you'll find when you look up "bluegrass music" in an encyclopedia, for example.  Knowing some basics about a topic helps you focus on what's interesting to you.  So...get a few facts, details, names and terms about your topic...then decide in which direction to go.