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Interlibrary Loan (ILL): How Materials are Delivered

Borrow items from other libraries

Articles/Chapters from Books or other resources

Articles are delivered three ways.

These formats are related to the lending library’s access to the article.

1)     Through your ILLiad Account.

You will receive an email informing you to log into your ILLiad account. In the View section, click on electronically received articles. Click on the TN (transaction number) of the article. You will have access to the pdf for 27-30 days. You may want to download it so you have access and do not need to request the article again

 2)     Via email. The article will be sent an attachment through your email account

 3)     Article Exchange, The subject of the message “TN has been uploaded.” When you open the email, there will be a link to access the article. The restrictions are a 5 time maximum or 30 days.  You may want to download it so you have access and do not need to request the article again


All items in physical format can be picked up at the 2nd floor service desk. There are times when special instructions are indicaed on the book strap, such as 1) library use only 2) photocopying not allowed , no renewals. The loan was provided under these conditions and must be followed.

Please do not remove any paperwork (bookstrap/slips) from the item. The paperwork contains information to help ensure quick processing of your loan.

Books once processed, books can be picked up at the 2nd floor service desk. 

DVD/Videos once processed, dvds and videos can be picked up at the 2nd floor service desk. Media formats are shelved in a different location, so please mention what you are picking up.


Microfilm and microfiche loans are in library use only, unless noted otherwise. In library use only means the material are to be viewed in the library and returned to the 2nd floor service desk until the review is completed.

Document Delivery

Our Document Delivery staff will photocopy any non-circulating Plattsburgh library resources for faculty, staff, and distance learners. In the case of locally held microfilm and microfiche, requests place by students will be filled electronically.

Proxy Information

If you would like to designate another person to pick up ILL materials for you (proxy) you can do this by 1) logging into your ILLiad account and in the very last box entitled "additional users" put in the person's name.  2) follow up with an email to interlibrary loan;  with the person's information (name, email, phone) and your permission so we have that documented. You are responsible for keeping the information current.