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CLG527: Career Development Counseling

Annotated Bibliography Help

Good Annotated Bibliographies...

  • Begin with a citation in PERFECT APA format :)
  • Summarize the central theme. (If the theme is unrelated to a significant aspect of your topic, it is not a good article to choose).
  • Discuss significant findings
  • Discuss the study's limitations
  • Describe the article's audience
  • Explain the article's usefulness in relation to your topic- WHY is the article a good one?
  • Explain why the article is significant in relationship to the other articles you have chosen
  • Potentially comment on the authority of the author
  • Note: It is wise to provide an introduction at the top of the document, explaining the significance of your topic

Need Help?

For additional help, consult the Help link below, chat with a librarian using the chat window on the library home page, or email

CLG527 Course-related Research Guide

Search Tips:

  • Brainstorm keywords!  Try a simple Abstract search, then examine the database's suggested Subject Headings- Keep a list of these terms!
  • Search by subject or descriptor field!  The Subject Heading search "vocational rehabilitation" retrieved 4399 results, while the All Fields + Text search for "vocational rehabilitation" retrieved 10306 results.
  • Limit by population of interest: vocational counselors, middle school students, aged, blacks, immigrants, minority groups, battered females, fathers, mothers, etc.
  • Finding SPECIFIC Journal Articles

    Directions for finding specific journal articles in the library databases:

    Click the Journals A to Z link below.

    In the search box, type the first couple words of the journal title, like Journal of career, then click Search.

    Your journal title should appear in the list of results, along with a link to the databases that contain that particular journal.

    When you click one of those database links, (like ABI/Inform Global) you are taken to that specific journal within that database. 

    Now you have to find the specific article you're looking for. To do that, type a couple words from the article title in the "Search within this publication" box and click Search.

    Your article should appear in the results list.