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Anthropology Research Guide

Anthropology Background Information

Among the useful print Reference books you can find (using the given call numbers) in the ESC are:

  • The Ethnopolitical Encyclopaedia of Europe- Ref. GN492 .E86 2004
  • Companion Encyclopedia of Anthropology- Ref. GN25 .C65 1994
  • Encyclopedia of Human Evolution and Prehistory- Ref. GN281 .E53 2000
  • Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Evolution- Ref. GN281 .C345 1992
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology- Ref. GN307 .E52 1996
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures- Ref. GN307 .E53 1991
  • Ethnic Groups Worldwide- Ref. GN325 .L46 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Race and Ethnic Studies- Ref. GN495.6 .C37 2004
  • Atlas of Ancient Archaeology- Ref. GN739 .H38 1974
  • Folklore- Ref. GR35 .F63 1997
  • Garland Encyclopedia of World Music- Ref. ML100 .G16 1998
  • Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography- Ref. N7560 .E53 1998
  • International Encyclopedia of Linguistics- Ref. P29 .I58 1992
  • Cambridge Encyclopedia of Human Paleopathology- Ref. R134.8 .A93 1998
  • The Social Science Encyclopedia- Ref. H41 .S63 2004

Reference E-books:

What is Background Information?

Background Information gives you an introduction to a topic, issue, or person. It's what you're looking for when you look up "Ancient Greece" in an encyclopedia. Knowing a little bit about something you are researching helps you focus in on what's really interesting to you!
So...get a few facts, details, names and terms about your topic...then decide in what direction your curiosity wil take you.