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Elin O'Hara-Gonya's LIB200 Course Page: Class Ten (9/26)

You can find all of your readings, assignments, and important links here.


REMINDER 1: Email me the final project as a Microsoft Word attachment at by 11:59pm on Wednesday 9/26

REMINDER 2: All extra credit assignments and homework corrections must be emailed to me at by 11:59pm on Friday 9/28

Last day of class - Final Project Due by email!

Thank you for a wonderful class! Don't hesitate to email me if you ever need any research assistance! For this last day of class, please send me an email with your responses to the following 2 questions by 11:59pm on Wednesday 9/26:

1. Online assignment 1: Search for your name or the name of a loved one (you may need to search for more than one name) using the Spokeo link below and comment on what you found using the prompts below. Spokeo is a site that allows anyone to search for you and purchase your personal details. Was it surprising to you the amount of information that is collected about you or your loved one? In your opinion, is it problematic that your private details are publicly available? Where should we draw the line between personal privacy and freedom of information? 

2. Online assignment 2: Click the SuperZips link below and search for your hometown zip code in the Explore Your Region search box at the top right of the page. What did you find? Did the household income and percentage of college grads surprise you? How might you use this information to gauge the poverty level in your hometown? How might you use this statistical information in your voting or in your judgment of others?


Course Evaluation Directions

1. Log in to the MyPlattsburgh Portal.

2. In the Academic Announcements box, click the LIB200 survey. 

3. Complete the survey.  Thank you!