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Open Access

Submitting Faculty Work to SOAR

Following the processes put in place by the SUNY Plattsburgh Faculty Senate Resolution on Open Access, submission to SOAR for scholarly articles is now integrated with the Scholarly Record submission form associated with the Annual Activity Report. In the form, choose “article” as the item type and click next.

Dropdown for scholarly article

On the next page confirm that it is refereed.

Radio button for refereed article

Then at the end of the form you will be asked to confirm that you want to submit the item to SOAR.

Radio button to confirm open access

A librarian will then contact you to request a copy of the paper and for any other details we need. Contact Joshua Beatty with any questions at

You may also submit scholarly work other than refereed articles to SOAR. Again, contact Joshua Beatty at

Submitting Student Work to SOAR

Many SUNY Plattsburgh students are producing papers, posters, and presentations that are of good scholarly quality. If your students are creating such work and you and they would like to make it publicly available, contact Joshua Beatty at

Examples of student work in SOAR include:

Submitting to SDC

If you are interested in submitting materials to the SUNY Plattsburgh community within SUNY DSpace, or developing a digital project on Omeka for teaching or research, contact Associate Librarian Joshua Beatty at