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Angles to News Stories

  • Take a national/international story and make it local 
    Example: National: Growing amount of debt for 20somethings
                   Local: What do PSU students due to keep debt under control

  • Look at your story topic and view it through the perspective of different population groups. (i.e. by gender, race, class, age, political or religious affiliation, etc...)
    Example: How high school seniors (vs. the administrators of the state dept. of education) view standardized testing for high school graduation requirements.

  • Take a news story idea and view it through different aspects (Tip: look at the variety of news sections listed on the web page - U.S., Technology, Law, etc...). 
    Example: Original Idea: Wind Power
         Perspective 1: How does the technology work and how efficient is is really?
         Perspective 2: What are the zoning laws and how are communities facing this issue?
         Perspective 3: What is the economic impact of wind power for local residential users?
  • Seasonal issues come around every year and bring with them possible news stories or angles.
    Example: News Years (Resolutions); Valentines (Relationships); St. Patrick's (Drinking); Tax Day (Money); Spring (Mud and Black Flies); etc...
    Other seasonal occurrences: Elections, government budgets; crops; car shows; etc...

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