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Textbooks on Reserve: Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks are available at the 2nd floor service desk and can be checked out for 2-hour periods for use in the library. Scanners are available if you need particular pages.

Fall 2018 Textbooks on Reserve - By course number

ACC201 Instructors: Modahmed Gaber / Hussien Kandiel / Dean Steria  Textbook: Financial Accounting, 8th Ed.

ACC351 Instructor: James Coffey  Textbook: Business Law, 9th Ed.

ANT101 Instructors: Gillian Crane-Kramer / Justin Lowry.  Textbook: Introduction to Human Evolution: A Bio-Cultural Approach

ANT362 Instructor: Gloria Bobbie  Textbook: Global Problems and Culture of Capitalism, 6th Ed.

ANT362 Instructor: Richard Robbins  Textbook: Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, 7th ed

ART137 Instructor: Karen Blough  Textbook: Gardner's Art Through the Ages: Western Perspectives, Vol. 1, 15 Ed.

ART139 Instructor: Christina Elliott  Textbook: Gardner's Art Through the Ages: A Global History, Vol. 2, 14th Ed.

ART305 Instructor: David Powell  Textbook: Typography: Graphic Design in Context

ART471 Instructor: Christina Elliott  Textbook: History of Modern Art, 7th Ed.

BIO102 Instructor: Michael Burgess  Textbook: Biology, 11th Ed.

BIO208 Instructor: Neil Buckley  Textbook: Evolution: Making Sense of Life, 2nd Ed.

BIO304 Instructor: Mary Alldred  Textbook: Elements of Ecology, 9th Ed.  Textbook: Scientific Writing and Communication, 3rd Ed.

BIO326 Instructor: Kyle Smith Textbook: Anatomy and Physiology, 2nd Ed.

BUS203 Instructor: Wanda Haby Textbook: Business Ethics: Best practices for designing and managing ethical organizations, 2nd Ed.

CAS111 Instructor: Matthew Smith  Textbook: Canadian Studies in the New Millennium, 2nd Ed.

CHE241 Instructor: Rajesh Sunasee  Textbook: Organic Chemistry, 12 Ed.

CHE242 Instructor: Dexter Criss  Textbook: Organic Chemistry, 12 Ed.

CHE371 Instructor: Kelly Theisen  Textbook: Biochemistry: A Short course, 3rd Ed.

CLG402 Instructor: Laura Holzer  Textbook: Essentials of Skilled Helping

CLG527 Instructor: Elin O'Hara-Gonya  Textbooks: Adult Psychotherapy Homework Planner; Child Psychotherapy Treatment Planner; Complete                    Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner; Adolescent Psychotherapy Treatment Planner; Complete Anxiety Treatment and Homework                      Planner; Brief Adolescent Therapy Homework Planner

CMM101 Instructors: Andrew Ducharme, Morgan Gordon, Regina Lindsey, JoAnne McGovern, Aaron Peryea, Thomas Montanaro, Wanda Haby, John Locke, Peter Ensel, Butterfly Blaise, Fadi Helwanji, Brion White, Mary Lou Bruno-Rabideau. 
               Textbook: The Art of Public Speaking, 12th Ed.

CRI251 Instructor: William Peters  Textbook: Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Profession, 3rd, Ed. 

CRI357 Instructor: Bill Peters  Textbook: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice,

CRI405 Instructor: Monica Ciobano  Textbook: Transitional Justice in the 21st Century

CRI450 Instructor: Bill Peters  Textbook: Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice, 10th Ed.

CSC119 Instructor: Chahbaz Azarkadeh Textbook: A Practical Guide to Linux: Commands, Editors and Shell Programming, 3rd, Ed.

CSC333 Instructor: Chahbaz Azarkadeh Textbook: Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective, 2nd Ed.

CSD211 Instructors: Jill Eklof,  MaryBeth Napoli Textbook: Signing: how to Speak with your Hands

CSD240 Instructor: Magdelena Hertel  Textbook: Communication Science and Disorders: A clinical evidence-based approach, 3rd Ed. 

CSD241 Instructor: Magdelena Hertel Textbook: Language Development: An Introduction, 9th Ed. Textbook: Syntax Handbook Textbook: Born to Talk, 6th Ed.

ECO110 Instructor: Robert Christopherson  Textbook: Microeconomics, 13th Ed.

ECO260 Instructor: Neal Duffy  Textbook: Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel, 6th Ed.

ECO362 Instructor: Anthony Noce  Textbook: Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel, 6th Ed.

ECO380 Instructor: Robert Christopherson  Textbook: Public Finance, 10th Ed.

EDR315 Instructors: Yong Yu / Robert Ackland   Textbook: Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners, 2nd Ed.

ENG295 Instructor: Lauren Kiefer  Textbook: Gods and Mortals: Modern poems on Classical Myths

ENG384 Instructor: Anna Battigelli   Textbook: Jane Austin,  Textbook: Jane Austin: A Family Record,  Textbook: Jane Austin's Letters,
              Textbook: The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austin, Textbook: Recreating Jane Austin 

ENV101 Instructor: Maria Dezotell-Holderman  Textbook: Visualizing Environmental Science, 4th Ed.

ENV206 Instructor: Eric Leibensperger T extbook: Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, Sustainability, Design

ENV304 Instructor: Mary Alldred  Textbook: Elements of Ecology, 9th Ed.  Textbook: Scientific Writing and Communication, 3rd Ed.

ENV306 Instructor: Eric Leibensperger  Textbook: Meteorology Today, 11th Ed.

ENV340 Instructor: Maria Dezotell-Holderman  Textbook: Scientific Writing and Communication, 3rd Ed.

EXP111 Instructor: Gerald Isaak  Textbooks: 1001 Climbing Tips Textbook: Adirondack Paddler's Guide Textbook: Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backpacking Book Textbook: At the Mercy of the Mountains Textbook: Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why Textbook: Instant Weather Forecasting Textbook: Lighten Up! A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking Textbook: Mountaineering: Essential Skills Textbook: NOLS Winter Camping Textbook: Sea Kayak Handling Textbook: Sea Kayaker's More Deep Trouble: More True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine Textbook: Stability Sport and Performance Movement Textbook: The Feed Zone Cookbook Textbook: The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide: Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail Textbook: The Weather Handbook Textbook: Theory into Practice: Unlocking the Power and the Potential of Reflective Journals Textbook: White Water Safety and Rescue

FIN355 Instructor: Stephen Henry, Greg Gregoriou Textbook: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 12th, Ed.

FNI191 Instructor: Terrence Vance  Textbook: Nutrition and You, 4th Ed.

FNI211 Instructor: Angela Durant  Textbook: Understanding Nutrition, 15th Ed.

FRE112 Instructor: Margaret Leone  Textbook: Espaces, 3rd Ed.

FRE214 Instructor: Margaret Leone  Textbook: Imaginez, 3rd Ed.

GEG120 Instructor: Janet Puhalla  Textbook: McKnight's Physical Geography, 12th Ed.

GEG121 instructor: Liou Xie  Textbook: Human Geography: People. Place, and Culture, 11th Ed.

GEG303 Instructor: Janet Puhalla  Textbook: Environment and Society, 2nd Ed. 

GEL306 Instructor: Eric Leibensperger  Textbook: Meteorology Today, 11th Ed.

HDF211 Instructors: Nancy Hughes, Jackie Oertel  Textbook: The Development of Children and Adolescents: An Applied Perspective

HON141 Instructor: Rob Keever  Textbook: Basic Math Problems Seminar, Custom Ed.

INT303 Instructors: Lauren Gonyea / Aaron Schwartz  Textbook: Readings for Diversity and Social Justice, 4th Ed.

JOU204 Instructor: Shawn Murphy  Textbook: American Media History

​JOU207 Instructor: Catherine Manegold  Textbook: The Best American Magazine Writing (2014, 2015, 2016),
              Textbook: Writing Tools: 55 essential strategies for every writer

JOU308 Instructor: Shawn Murphy  Textbook: Inside Reporting: A Practical Guide to the Craft of Journalism

LAS111 instructor: Oscar Flores  Textbook: Latin America: An Interpretive History, 9th Ed.

LIB200/Exam Textbook: Information Literacy & Technology, 5th Edition

MAT102 Instructor: Susan Kenoyer Textbook: Precalculus (Levitan), 6th Ed.

MAT102 Instructor: Diane Coupal Textbook: Precalculus (Blitzer), Custom Ed.

MAT161 Instructors: Cassandra Vincent / Bryan Kieser / Jonathan Borrelli.  Textbook: Elementary Statistics, 4th Custom Ed. (Triola)

MAT161 Instructor: Thomas Powell / Robert Reams  Textbook: Elementary Statistics, 5th Custom Edition (Triola) 

MAT221 Instructor: Anne Petro  Textbook: Calculus with applications, 11th Ed.

MAT224 Instructor: Susan Kenoyer  Textbook: Calculus Classic Edition

MGM350 Instructor: Shakiba Enayati  Textbook: An Introduction to Management Science, 15th Ed.

MGM490 Instructor: Elie Chrysostome  Textbook: Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 12th Ed.

MKE402 Instructor: Lise Heroux  Textbook: Purchasing and Supply Chair Managmement, 15th Ed.

MUS111 Instructor: Adrian Carr  Textbook: Excursions in World Music

MUS304 Instructor: Dan Gordon  Textbook: Writing About Music

MUS485 Instructor: Dan Gordon  Textbook: Writing About Music

NUR313 Instructor: Heather Lapoint  Textbook: Fundamentals of Nursing

PED271 Instructor: Bob Emery  Textbook: Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness

PHY103 Instructor: Ken Podolak  Textbook: College Physics
               (this textbook is an open access text - view or download for free here:

PRE311 Instructor: Maiko Barcomb  Textbook: Think Public Relations, 2nd Ed.

PRE314 Instructor: Michelle Ouellette  Textbook: Strategic Planning for Public Relations, 5th Ed. 
                  Textbook: High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society

PRE452/552 Instructor: Michelle Ouellette  Textbook: Strategic Writing for Public Relations, Advertising and More, 3rd Ed. 
                      Textbook: Made to Stick    Textbook: The Associated Press Style Book.   

PRE466 Instructor: Colleen Lemza  Textbook: Strategic Communications Planning for Public Relations and Marketing, 6th Ed.

PSC100 Instructor: Harvey Schantz  Textbook: We the People: An Introduction to American Politics, 11th Ed.

PSC390 Instructor: Raymond Carman Textbook: Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Rights, institutional posers and constraints, 9th ed.

PSY206 Instructor: Renee Bator Textbook: Psychology Statistics, Custom Edition

PSY 311 Instructor: Andrea Martino Textbook: Exploring Lifespan Development, 4th Ed.

PSY 311 Instructor: Karen Glushko  Textbook: Development Through the Lifespan, 7th Ed.

PSY331 Instructor: Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas  Textbook: Biological Psychology, 13th Ed.

PSY430 Instructor: Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas  Textbook: Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology, 7th Ed.

PSY443 Instructor: Kristina Moquin Textbook: Abnormal Psychology 9th edition with DSM-5 Update by Comer Textbook: Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology, 2nd Ed.

PSY445 Instructor: Gary Brannigan Textbook: Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy, 10th ed.

SCM370 Instructors: Kwangseek Choe  / Kevin O'Neill  Textbook: Principles of Supply Chain Management, 4th Ed.

SOC101 Instructor: Stanley Sabin  Textbook: Sociology: The Essentials, 9th Ed.

SOC101 Instructor: Steve Light  Textbook: Sociology in our Times: Essentials, 11th Ed.

SOC101 Instructor: Lynn Schlesinger  Textbook: Sociology in our Times: Essentials, 11th Ed.

SOC300 Instructor: Sandra Rezac  Textbook: How It's Done: An invitation to social research 5th Ed.

SOC305 Instructor: Stanley Sabin  Textbook: Thinking About Women, 10th Ed. Textbook: Half the Sky

SPA111 Instructors: Oscar Flores / Margarita Garcia-Notario / Fernando Iturburu.  Textbook: Vistas

SPA112 instructors: Fernando Iturburu / Irene Lee.  Textbook: Vistas   

SPA213 Instructor; Oscar Flores  Textbook: Mas Alla De Las Parabras, 3rd Ed.

SWK302 Instructor: Vanessa Young  Textbook: Understanding Generalist Practice, 8th Ed.

THE106 Instructor: Laura-Jean Schwartau  Textbook: Great Scenes and Monologues for Acting

THE217 Instructor: Cathryn Clark & Kathy Koester  Textbook: Appreciating Dance, 4th Ed.

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