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Textbooks on Reserve: Textbooks on Reserve

Textbooks are available at the 2nd floor service desk and can be checked out for 2-hour periods for use in the library. Scanners are available if you need particular pages.

Fall 2019 - Textbooks On Reserve - By Course Number

Course Number Instructor(s) Title
ACC351 James Coffey / Justin Meyer Business Law: Texts and Exercises, 9th Ed.
ANT101  Gillian Crane-Kramer / Justin Lowry Introduction to Human Evolution: A Bio-Cultural Approach
ANT104A Jason Paling  The Human Past
ANT362 Robbins, Richard / Gloria Bobbie Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism
ANT453 Justin Lowry  South American Archaeology 
ART137 Karen Blough  Gardner's Art through the Ages 15th Vol. 1
ART139 Shannon Drowne Gardners Art through the Ages the Western Perspective 15th edition
BIO102 Michael Burgess / Luke Tyrell   Campbell Biology, 11th Ed.
BIO208 Neil Buckley Evolution: Making Sense of Life, 2nd Ed.
BIO304 / ENV304 Mary Alldred Scientific writing and communication : papers, proposals, and presentations
BIO304 / ENV304 Mary Alldred Elements of Ecology, 5th Ed
BIO305 Joel Parker Concepts of Genetics
BIO305 Joel Parker Concepts of Genetics
BIO326 Kyle Smith Anatomy & physiology : an integrative approach
BUS203 Wanda J. Haby Business Ethics OER Openstax (
CAS/HIS 375 Mark Richard Crossing the 49th Parallel: Migration from Canada to the United States, 1900-1930 
CAS/HIS 375 Mark Richard The First Franco-Americans: New England Life Histories from the Federal Writers’ Project, 1938-1939
CAS/HIS 375 Mark Richard Choice of Conscience: Vietnam Era Military and Draft Resisters in Canada
CAS111 Matthew Smith / Charles Deshaies Canadian Studies in the New Millennium 2nd Ed.
CHE 106 - A Edward Miller Chemistry: Atoms First 3rd
CHE 401 Karina Ckless Biochemistry,  8th or 9th edition.
CHE106 Ed Miller Chemistry: Atoms First, 3rd Ed .
CHE111 Tom Moffett Chemistry: Atoms First, 3rd Ed.
CHE112 Craig Hoag Chemistry: Atoms First, 3rd Ed.
CHE240 Criss, Dexter Introduction to Organic Chemistry, 6th Ed.
CHE241 Rajesh Sunasee   Organic Chemistry, 12 Ed.
CHE242 Dexter Criss   Organic Chemistry, 12 Ed.
CHE321 Pater, Ewa Analytical Chemistry
CHE321 Pater, Ewa Analytical Chemistry
CHE371A Kelly Theisen Biochemistry: A Short Course (Any edition already owned, there is a new one out this year as well fyi)
CHE421 Pater, Ewa Principles of Instrumental Analysis
CLG402 Laura Holzer   Essentials of skilled helping : managing problems, developing opportunities
CMM 323-A John Locke Age of Propaganda, Revised Edition (2001)
CMM101 Andrew Ducharme / Regina Lindsey / Aaron Peryea / Thomas Montanaro / Butterfly Blaise / Fadi Helwanji / Mary Lou Bruno-Rabideau / Benjamin Medeiros / Deborah Tripp / Rebecca Fox / Peter Ensel.      Speech Craft  (2018)
CMM303 Kirsten Isgro  Communicating About Health
CMM455A Rebecca Fox The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication 6th Ed.
CRI 251A and CRI 251B William Peters "Criminal Law for the Criminal Justice Professional" (4th edition) 
CRI450A William Peters "Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in Criminal Justice" (10th edition)
CRI150 Lori Cantwell Criminal Justice in America - 9th Edition
CRI250 Lori Cantwell   Criminology: The Core, 7th Ed. 
CRI251 William Peters Criminal law for the criminal justice professional
CRI353  Breea Willingham Punishment and Society
CRI357 Catherine Eloranto  Criminal procedure: A contemporary perspective
CSC119 Chahbaz Azarkadeh A Practical Guide to Linux: Commands, Editors and Shell Programming, 3rd, Ed.
CSC333 Chahbaz Azarkadeh  Computer systems : a programmer's perspective, 3rd Ed
CSD 342-A   Rachel Flemming  Fundamentals of Phonetics, 4th edition
CSD211 Dora Bradley Signing: How to Speak with your Hands
CSD240A Magdalena Hertel Communication sciences and disorders: A clinical evidence-based approach. Third Edition. 2014.
CSD241A Magdalena Hertel Language development: An introduction. Ninth Edition. 2016.
CSD241A Magdalena Hertel The syntax handbook. Second edition. 2016.
CSD241A Magdalena Hertel Language development: An introduction. Tenth Edition. 2020   (does not appear to be available yet)
CSD448 Sharimila Ambrose Language and Literacy Disorders: Infancy through Adolescence, 2010
CSD524A Victoria Reynolds The Handbook for Evidence Based Practice in Communication Sciences and Disorders
CSD532 Sharimila Ambrose Language Disorders from Infancy through Adolescence: Assessment and Intervention.(5th ed.).
CSD562A Victoria Reynolds Clinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management (6th ed)
ECO110 Robert Christopherson   Microeconomics, 13th Ed.
ECO260 Neal Duffy   Modern business statistics with Microsoft Office Excel, 6th Ed
ECO362 Anthony Noce  / Jaroslaw Strzalkowski  Modern business statistics with Microsoft Office Excel, 6th Ed
ECO380 Robert Christopherson  Public Finance (2 copies)
EDR315 Yong Yu Foundations for teaching english language learners, 3rd Ed. 
EDR553 Yong Yu Foundations for teaching english language learners, 2nd Ed.
EDS507 Michelle Bonati / Lora Parks-Recore  Individual positive behavior supports: A standards-based guide to practices in school and community settings, 2015
EDU 465 A, B and C Alison Puliatte, Amy Gervich, Jean Mockry Proactive Classroom Management, K–8: A Practical Guide to Empower
Students and Teachers (2012)
EDU 465 A, B, and C Alison Puliatte / Amy Gervich / Jean Mockry The New Art And Science Of Teaching (2017)
EDU240 Michelle Bonati / Michelle Timmons / Alison Puliatte / Claudio Bertolone-Smith Your UDL lesson planner: The step-by-step guide for teaching all learners 2016
ENG100 Karen Rock  A writer's reference
ENG101 (sectoins I, K, L) Briget Kerr To kill a mockingbird
ENG163 / ENG306 Sara Schaff Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
ENG163 / ENG306 Sara Schaff Memento
ENG163 / ENG306 Sara Schaff Do the Right Thing
ENG163 / ENG306 Sara Schaff Get Out
ENG270 Tracie Guzzio  Norton Anthology of African American Literature, 3rd Ed.
ENG292 Anna Battigelli A Beginner's Guide to Dante's Divine Comedy 
ENG292 Anna Battigelli The Complete DanteWorlds: A Reader's Guide to the Divine Comedy 
ENG292 Anna Battigelli Inferno
ENG292 Anna Battigelli Purgatorio 
ENG292 Anna Battigelli Paradiso
ENG295 Lauren Kiefer Worlds Together, Worlds Apart,  Concise Ed. (Volume 1).
ENG295 Lauren Kiefer god's and mortals
ENG313A Anna Battigelli London Transformed
ENG313A Anna Battigelli London Life in the Eighteenth-Century
ENG313A Anna Battigelli England in the Age of Hogarth
ENG313A Anna Battigelli The London Hanged
ENG313A Anna Battigelli Crime & Punishment in 18th Century England
ENG313A Anna Battigelli Black Atlantic Writers
ENG313A Anna Battigelli The London Mob
ENG313A Anna Battigelli English Literature and Society
ENG313A Anna Battigelli The English Militia in the 18th Century
ENG313A Anna Battigelli The Gentleman's Daughter
ENV/GEL 306A Eric Leibensperger Meteorology Today (11th Ed.)
ENV101 Stephen Kramer  Visualizing Environmental Science, 4th ed
ENV206 Eric Leibensperger Environmental Engineering: Fundamentals, sustainability, design
ENV304 Mary Allred  Elements of Ecology, 5th Ed
ENV304 Mary Allred  Scientific writing and communication : papers, proposals, and presentations
ENV306 / GEL306 Eric Leibensperger Meteorology today : an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment, 12th Ed.
FIN355 Stephen Henry Fundamentals of corporate finance
FNI 191-a Terrence Vance Nutrition & You 4th ed 2017
FNI191 Dina Mijacevic Nutrition & You
FNI211 Angela Durant / Amily Tarleton Understanding Nutrition, 15th Ed
FRE 213 A  Marie Cusson  Espaces Rendez-vous avec le monde francophone (4rd Edition),
FRE 213A  Marie Cusson Espace: Rendez-vous avec le monde francophone Fourth edition 
FRE 334 A Marie Cusson  La Culture francophone Le monde à l'écoute 
FRE111 Margaret Leone Espaces, 4th Ed
FRE112 Margaret Leone Espaces, 4th Ed
FRE213 Marie Cusson Espaces, 4th Ed
FRE334A Marie Cusson  La Culture francophone : le monde a l'ecoute
GEG120 Janet Puhalla Mcknight's physical geography : a landscape appreciation, 12th Ed
GEG303 Janet Puhalla Environment and society : a critical introduction, 2nd Ed.
HDF211 Jacqueline Oertel The development of children and adolescents
HIS 132 Connie Shemo  Sugar: A Bittersweet History 
HIS 396 Mark Richard Reading Like a Historian: Teaching Literacy in Middle & High School History Classrooms
HIS101 James Lindgren In the heart of the sea : the tragedy of the whaleship Essex
HIS101 James Lindgren Villains of all nations : Atlantic pirates in the golden age
HIS102 Mark Richard Exploring American Histories: A Survey, vol. 2: Since 1865, 2nd ed., Value Edition 
HIS102 Mark Richard Thinking Through Sources for Exploring American Histories, vol. 2: Since 1865, 2nd ed., Value Edition 
HIS300-A Joshua Beatty Revolutionary Founders
HIS300-A Joshua Beatty A Companion to the American Revolution
HIS300-A Joshua Beatty The Oxford Handbook of the American Revolution
INT303 Lauren Gonyea / Jacob Avery Readings for diversity and social justice, 4th Ed
JOU110 Catherine Manegold Writing tools : 55 essential strategies for every writer
JOU110 Catherine Manegold The elements of journalism : what newspeople should know and the public should expect
JOU 204-A Shawn Murphy American Media History
JOU 308-A Shawn Murphy Inside Reporting
JOU206 Davis, Ron When World's Collide
JOU206 Davis, Ron Shop Talk & War Stories
JOU206 Davis, Ron Shop Talk & War Stories
JOU206 Davis, Ron Shop Talk & War Stories
JOU206 Ron Davis Shop Talk & War Stories
JOU206 Ron Davis When World's Collide
JOU308 Shawn Murphy Inside reporting : a practical guide to the craft of Journalism
JOU313 Catherine Manegold Blur : how to know what's true in the age of information overload
JOU316 Davis, Ron Adobe Photoshop CC Release
JOU316 Davis, Ron Adobe Photoshop CC Release
JOU316 Davis, Ron The Non Designers Design Book
LAS111 Oscar Flores Latin America: An Interpretive History, 2017, 10th ed.
MAT102  Robert Reams College Algebra
MAT102 D and F Susan Kenoyer Precalculus 6th Edition
MAT104A2 Susan Kenoyer Trigonometry Hybrid
MAT161 Cassandra Vincent Elementary Statistics, 12th ed (2014)
MAT161 Cassandra Vincent Elementary Statistics, 4th custom ed (2014) CD 
MAT161 Robert Reams / Thomas Powell Elementary Statistics, 5th custom ed, 2018
MAT161 Greg Quenell / Robert Cavanaugh Elementary Statistical Methods
MAT224C Susan Kenoyer Calculus The Classic Edition
MAT225 Justin Wampler  Calculus: Classic Edition
MAT225 Wampler, Justin Calculus: Classic Edition student solutions
MGM280 Permzadin, Vahe Contemporary Management
MGM350 Shakiba Enayati  An introduction to management science : quantitative approaches to decision making, 15th Ed
MGM445 Milad Jasemi Zargani Operations Management
MGM490 Elie Chrysostome   Strategic management : competitiveness & globalization : concepts and cases, 12th Ed
MUS111 Dan Gordon Excursions in world music 6th Ed.
NUR 313A Heather LaPoint Transcultural Health Care: A Culturally Competent Approach (4th ed)
NUR 313A Heather LaPoint Guide to Culturally Competent Health Care (3rd ed)
NUR 313A Heather LaPoint Fundamentals of Nursing: Human Health and Function (8th ed)
PED271 Melissa LaMere Lifetime physical fitness & wellness : a personalized program
PHI366 Dixon, Beth The LImits of Blame
PHI366 Dixon, Beth The New Jim Crow
PHY103 Ken Podolak College Physics - Free online text at -
PHY104 Chiranjivi Lamsal  College Physics - Free online text at -
PHY111 Glenn Myer fundamentals of physics, 10th Ed
PRE311 Maiko Barcomb The tipping point : how little things can make a big difference
PRE311 Maiko Barcomb  Introduction to Strategic Public Relations
PRE314 / PRE452 Michelle Ouellette Writing for Strategic Communication Industries
PRE452 / PRE552 Michelle Ouellette  Made to stick : why some ideas survive and others die
PSC 231-A John McMahon The Trial and Death of Socrates (Hackett 3rd edition)
PSC 231-A John McMahon Two Treatises of Government
PSC 372-A John McMahon Living a Feminist Life
PSC100 Nicholas Southwick American government : a brief introduction, 15th Ed
PSC100 Harvey Schantz We the People, 12th Ed
PSC290-A Ray Carman Introduction to Law and the Legal System, 11th ed.
PSC382-A Ray Carman The Brethren : Inside the Supreme Court
PSC390-A Ray Carman Constitutional Law for a Changing America: Institutional Powers and Constraints, 9th ed.
PSY311 Preeti Samudra  Exploring lifespan development, 4th Ed
PSY331 Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas Biological Psychology, 13th Edition
PSY331 Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas Biological psychology, 13th Ed.
PSY340 Karen Glushko The Personality Puzzle
PSY340 Karen Glushko  The Personality Puzzle, 7th Ed.
PSY361 Renee Bator The Social Animal
PSY361 Renee Bator Influence: Science and Practice
PSY415 Preeti Samudra Adolescence, 17th Ed
PSY430 Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology, 7th Edition
PSY430 Inmaculada Ibanez-Casas   Fundamentals of human neuropsychology, 7th Ed
PSY443 Julie Hogan Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology 2nd Edition
PSY445 Patrick Monette Theory and Practice of counseling and psychotherapy
PSY550-A Suzannah Chatlos Applied Behavior Analysis for Teachers, 9th Ed
PSY576-A Suzannah Chatlos Practical Handbook of School Psychology: Effective Practices for the 21st Century
SCM370 Kwangseek Choe Principles of supply chain management : a balanced approach, 4th Ed
SOC101 Stanley Sabin Sociology: The Essentials, 9th Ed
SOC101 Stephen Light Sociology in our times: The essentials, 11th ed
SOC300 Sandra Rezac An invitation to social research : how it's done, 5th Ed
SOC305 Stanley Sabin Thinking about women : sociological perspectives on sex and gender, 10th Ed
SOC305 Stanley Sabin Half the sky : turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide
Spa 111A, Spa 111B Oscar Flores Vista: Introduccion a la Lengua Espanola, 2016. 5ta edition
SPA111 Margarita Garcia-Notario / Oscar Flores  Vistas
SPA112 Fernando Iturburu / Irene Lee Vistas
SPA213 Oscar Flores Más allá de las palabras : intermediate Spanish.
SPA388 Anna Iturburu  Broadcast Announcing Worktext
SWK260 Karen Dague The Social Work Experience: A Case-based Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare, 7th Ed.
THE 308 A Erika Guay  Theatrical Makeup: Basic Application Techniques
THE106 Laura-Jean Schwartau Great Scenes and Monologues for Actors
THE217 Cathryn Clark / Cathy Koester Appreciating dance : a guide to the world's liveliest art, 4th Ed

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