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Topic Selection for Lib 200: Home: start here

This guide serves as your starting point in identifying a possible topic to explore for the final assignment

Topic Selections

Overview on topic identification for a class project:

  1. Find two topics that interests you within the broad topic headings (tabs) of  social justice, socioeconomic issues, or human rights.
  2. Consider different aspects, perspectives to help create and identify possible a distinctive research focus on your project

I would like you to find two topics related to a social justice issue. The intention of this assignment is to provide a different approach to selecting a topic for the final assignment. You must explore a diversity related issue, keeping in mind that diversity incorporates a broad range of topics within the categories social justice, socio- economic justice, and human rights.

Inequality and diversity often converge and overlap in what sociologists call intersectionality. Not surprisingly, these issues take on a very interdisciplinary framework across the fields of social work, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology, criminal justice, and many others.

Some of you may want to further explore a topic of interest from another class. As a reminder, Plattsburgh's academic honesty policy notes Submitting one's work originally completed for a different class is also dishonest unless the current instructor has agreed in advance to accept such a resubmission or reuse of academic work." So, if you want to explore a similar topic but a different focus, you will need to chat with me. if its a current class, same topic, you will need to speak with your faculty member as well as me.

For the topic selection assignment, you are just identifying two potential topics of interest. I will provide guidance to your on which topic has the most potential.

Topics I will not approve: endangered species, abortion, bullying/cyberbullying.

About Research

The Research Process starts with the identification of a topic of interest. Once the topic is approved by a faculty member, you start to explore how you want to further refine your topic of interest. For this class, explore an overview of your topic using a subject encyclopedia, explore possible scholarly articles relevant to your topic, and web resources. I expect that you will continue to refine and further focus your topic until you have a reasonably manageable topic for the final assignment.

Part of the search process involves using different search strategies such as keywords, synonyms, and other combinations of terms.
example: pregnancy would be a broad term;  prenatal care would be more specific;

Some combinations maybe more successful than others and may be related to the terms (keywords, subject headings) you are using. cars vs automobiles is an example.

As you review different types of resources, you will learn how to identify different components of the resource and evaluate its appropriateness to the assignment.

My assignments are geared towards walking through this process so you can have a successful final assignment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions along the way.

Diversity Wheel from Gardenswartz and Rowe

Click on the link to see the wheel

When looking at the wheel, consider how one of the layers can help you  further focus your potential topic.


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