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FIT 525 Fitness Management and Entrepreneurship: Home

Course Information

Course Description:

This course offers a comprehensive examination of all aspects of fitness management and establishing a business in health and fitness.  Topics include managing and operating facilities, marketing, sales, operations, financial management, legal issues, insurance, and implementing a business plan for establishing a modern health/fitness facility.

  Course Objectives:

The student will:

  1. assess the history and trends of the fitness industry movement;
  2. evaluate the industry factors that influence the nature and scope of fitness and medically-based fitness business models and operations;
  3. develop marketing and sales plans for a start-up fitness business;
  4. analyze role of fitness managers in  recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training and evaluation of staff;
  5. analyze principles of organizational and financial management as it applies to fitness facility start-ups;
  6. evaluate fitness facility risks and legal issues; and
  7. evaluate factors that influence insurance selection.

You will be using American Psychological Association (APA) style for your work.

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