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Military Studies Research Guide: Military Leadership

Famous Military Leaders: Books, Videos, & Articles

To search the library catalog, PlattCat, for a military leader you want to research, select Subject from the drop-down menu first!  Then, in the search box, type Generals and "United States" and Biography.  You can also try: "Command of Troops"

Reference Resources

Examples of military leaders throughout history found within the Reference sources above include: Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, Hannibal, Charlemagne, Horatio Nelson (navy), William Tecumseh Sherman, Field Marshal Montgomery (UK), Erwin Rommel (Germany), Dwight Eisenhower, William Westmoreland, and Norman Schwarzkopf

Online Encyclopedias


Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus

Virtual Reference Library
A collection of encyclopedias, almanacs, and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research
Composed of high-quality articles from the Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition

Encarta (Microsoft)
A gateway to 17,000 encyclopedia articles, multimedia, a talking dictionary, and a world atlas

CREDO Reference Collection [Link to overview and features ] Was Xreferplus Reference Collection
Contains over 2 million entries from reference books in all major subjects, 65,000+ images (art, diagrams, maps, and photos), and over 93,000 audio pronunciation files.