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Spanish Research Guide: Background Info

What is Background Information?

Background Information gives you an introduction to a topic, issue, or person. It's what you're looking for when you look up "Surrealism" in an encyclopedia. Knowing a little bit about something you are researching helps you focus in on what's really interesting to you!
So...get a few facts, details, names and terms about your topic...then decide in what direction your curiosity wil take you.  

Spanish Reference Sources

Spanish Reference Books with call numbers in Feinberg Library:

  • Oxford Spanish Dictionary- Ref. PC4640 .O94 2003
  • NTC's Dictionary of Latin American Spanish- Ref. PC4822 .O65 1997
  • Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature- Ref. PQ7081 .A1 E56 1997
  • Oxford Companion to Spanish Literature- Ref. PQ6006 .O95

Picking Your Topic is Research

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