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ENG101: Composition Research Guide: Cite in MLA Style

Selected research resources and tools for students doing research in their ENG101 classes. The basics of doing research in Feinberg Library.

Basic Citation Examples

 A book:

Shariff, Shaheen. Confronting Cyber-bullying: What Schools Need to Know to Control

     Misconduct and Avoid Legal Consequences
Cambridge UP, 2008.

An Article Found in a Library Database:

Meyer, Richard, et al. “Multiple Visions for Literacy.” Language Arts vol. 83, no. 5, 2006, pp.451-453.


A Web Page:

“Understanding Bullying.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016.




Citation Guides

The Full MLA Citation Guide along with other in-text reference & citation examples can be found at the Library's Cite Your Sources page.

Need More Help?

If you need assistance with citations contact the Library Reference Desk.